Litzky PR: Call Me Maybe. No Wait, Don’t Call Us. Really.

A Hoboken PR firm has posted a recruitment video that involves the staff dancing and lipsynching to that song—you know the one. You don’t want to even start thinking about that song so we’ll stay quiet.

Mashable found the video yesterday. Does it work as a recruitment video?

Your (not so) humble blogger thinks not. At 3.5 minutes long, it is far too long. Nowhere in the video (until the very end) or the title does it even mention that it’s a recruitment video—you’d have to be watching the video on YouTube to have read the description to learn that Litzky is hiring.

Not only that, but after 3 minutes of a song that exhorts the viewer to “call me maybe,” an employee holds up a sign that says “No calls,” and directs users to a URL to apply. A URL that 404s–page not found. Update: Gillian Small of Litzky reached out to us and said that actually, the URL is totally fine. That is true IF you can read the type in the video well enough to realize that the url is and not (Who does this??)

And despite having been on Mashable for five hours, the video has only gained 631 views (at the time of this posting). Maybe lots of people are sick of that song.

HOWEVER. We will say that this video has one thing going for it. It looks like the folks in this video are having a genuinely good time. In a small office (which is what Litzky appears to be) culture is important, so if this video sends a message to jobseekers that it is a fun place to work –if that’s said jobseeker’s idea of fun–then, great.