List of Those Who Ordered Hacking to Remain Confidential

Actor Steve Coogan has names but can't reveal them

Glenn Mulcaire has finally revealed the names of the News of the World journalists who ordered him to hack into the phones of several public figures. But, barring a leak, only British actor Steve Coogan and his legal team will ever get to see the list. 

Earlier this month, Mulcaire lost his appeal of a court order forcing him to reveal the names as part of a lawsuit brought by Coogan. So on Friday, Mulcaire dutifully passed a list along to Coogan, but Scotland Yard moved quickly to prevent the names on it from being released publicly, according to the Guardian.

Mulcaire’s lawyer, Sarah Webb, said that she contacted Coogan’s lawyers on Friday to ask that the names not be made public. “The issues of confidentiality are of concern to the Metropolitan police, and we asked Coogan's solicitors not to disclose the information until the Met could consider the matter,” she said. “The issue is not that my client requires to keep matters confidential but rather that the police require him to.”

Meanwhile, there’s another legal battle brewing between the private investigator and the actor. Coogan recently won a separate high court order forcing Mulcaire to name the News of the World executives who ordered him to hack into Coogan's phone. Mulcaire is appealing that order, saying that complying with it would mean incriminating himself, as it would require him to confess to a crime he never admitted to and was never charged with.

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