Linpus Launching Moblin V2 Version of Linpus Linux Lite for Netbooks

Linpus Linux Lite is the Linux version (or distro in the parlance) that ships with the Acer Aspire One unless you choose to get Windows XP. I first saw it last summer when I bought a first generation Acer Aspire One netbook with an SSD (solid state disk). As a long time experience UNIX and Linux user, I thought Linpus did a pretty good job of providing a simple but capable graphical interface for non-techie customers. But, as time went on I ran into a number of compatibility issues with Linpus. The most notable was the inability to install Adobe AIR on it although earlier alpha releases had installed and functioned. I ended up wiping out Linpus and installed Ubuntu Netbook Remix (UNR). I suspect Linpus must have been hearing this story a lot, because they are announcing…

At Computex, June 2 – 6th, Linpus debuts Moblin V2 version of Linpus Linux Lite with Linpus and Intel UI versions

So, it looks like Linpus is dumping the Fedora Linux version that shipped with my Aspire One in favor of the Intel/Novell developed Moblin 2.0.

I recently tested Moblin 2.0 beta by installing it as a Guest OS in virtual machine using VirtualBox 2.2.2 running on a Windows Vista PC. I was so underwhelmed by what I saw while trying Moblin that I decided not to pursue it any further. Ubuntu Netbook Remix is providing a good enough solution for my Linux netbook needs. That said, Linpus’ decision makes sense since Moblin is the only netbook-tuned alternative they can turn to that can compete with UNR.

If you want to try Moblin without sacrificing a physical netbook, you can find information about a simple pair of setting tweaks you need to make for a VirtualBox VM that lets you install and test Moblin on any Mac, Windows PC or Linux PC at…

Configuring VirtualBox to run Moblin 2.0 Beta