LinkedIn Updates CardMunch App—The Business Card Scanning App That Uses Real Humans

LinkedIn has added some features to its CardMunch iPhone app. Now, instead of just turning a photo of a contact’s business card into a contact on your phone, you can also view that contact’s LinkedIn profile and learn all the usual things one learns by viewing a LinkedIn profile.

Why do people love Cardmunch so much? Apparently the accuracy is very high—as well it should be, as Cardmunch sends the images of the business cards to service providers on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, an online “outsourcer” that matches workers up with menial online tasks. So every card you have transcribed has been looked at by a human being somewhere.

If you don’t have an iDevice, you have a few options:

BizCardArmy also has humans transcribe the cards, for between 15 and 25 cents per card, and is available on Android.

Evernote is free and uses OCR to turn cards into text, so accuracy may not be as high (especially if someone’s business card uses fancy fonts). But it’s free, and pretty badass.