LinkedIn Crosses the One Million Writers Mark

Executive editor Dan Roth celebrates two and a half very active years.

LinkedInOneMillionWritersIn the latest confirmation of just how robust a content platform LinkedIn has become, executive editor Dan Roth has today shared some big summertime news. One million members have now posted content to the site.

From the New York-based Roth’s missive:

I still remember the late night in the fall of 2012 when we were just about to launch the ability to write on LinkedIn. We were a small team of editors, engineers, product managers, marketers and designers in Mountain View, California and NYC.

I was sharing a cab across the Manhattan Bridge with a colleague and we both started rehearsing worst-case scenarios: The hand-picked 150 people we were launching with — the Influencers — would write once, but never return. They’d copy-and-paste press releases or old speeches, content that satisfied them but didn’t engage the professional world. Readers would ignore it. In a few hours, we’d find out if were really launching what we hoped we were: a platform that would be the first place professionals go to explain and debate their world. Because we promised the Influencers they’d have an immediate impact, we couldn’t launch this to just a small test group of members — our normal process. We had to go big.

With LinkedIn about to add the ability to publish in other languages, the “big” is only going to get bigger. Right now, upwards of 130,000 posts are written each week by members. Roth has some great anecdotal details also of the power of LinkedIn posts, for everyone from authors to TV show creators. Read his post here.
[Image via: LinkedIn]

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