Lindsay Lohan: paparazzi prey, or just unlucky?

Whom do you trust, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, or Leslie Sloane Zelnick, Lindsay Lohan’s publicist? Because you have to choose. Zelnick claimed that over-aggressive paparazzi caused Lohan’s car crash on Tuesday, but Sheriff Dept. investigators have determined otherwise. From the LAT:

Los Angeles County sheriff’s investigators said Wednesday that they do not believe celebrity photographers caused Lindsay Lohan to crash her Mercedes-Benz into a van in West Hollywood, contradicting a statement by the teenage actress’ publicist.

A preliminary investigation showed that the paparazzi were not a factor in Tuesday’s collision, said Lt. Keith Swensson. “Photographers were not involved, not at all,” he said. The official cause has not been determined.

Of course, if this had happened in the Rampart district, some over-zealous cop would have planted a camera on a passer-by and arrested him.

To be fair, Lohan may not have been at fault in the accident- investigators suspect a van in front of her made an illegal U-turn, which the van driver denies.

Anyway, the paparazzi didn’t do it. Given the current climate, it’s important to make that clear before anyone retaliates.