Poor Lindsay Lohan: Sharp-tongued Journos Watch ‘Liz And Dick’ and Give it Sour Reviews

Lindsay Lohan‘s unanticipated return to acting, assuming the role of Elizabeth Taylor, played out on the small screen last night. It was Lifetime’s movie of the week: Liz and Dick. As the network chants, “Your life. You’re time.” The consensus among media types who took the time to watch was that the movie wasn’t just bad, but horrific, which came through in their biting critiques on Twitter.

“I’m not sure but I think Lindsay Lohan just trolled us all,” BuzzFeed editor Stacy Lambe wrote. And New York mag’s Dan Amira: “The hashtag #lizanddick may look a lot like #lizarddick, but don’t get your hopes up, it’s #lizanddick.”

Fox News and Commentary Radio Host Todd Starnes advised, “I think it helps if you’re drinking wine.”

On MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” today, Co-Host Mika Brzezinski said the movie was “the worst thing I’ve ever seen. … That was insanely terrible.”

“Even on Lifetime it’s the worst thing,” concurred Bloomberg News‘ Margaret Carlson, a guest on “Morning Joe.” NBC’s White House Correspondent Chuck Todd echoed the sentiment, comparing it to a Saturday Night Live skit. “We’re going to find out that was all really comedy,” he said. “It’s a dark comedy. It’s hilarious if you look at it that way.”

More reaction…

  • “Wow, Daniel Day-Lewis is *amazing* as Elizabeth Taylor.”– Politico‘s Alex Burns
  • “I think Alex Burns should have written/directed #lizanddick.”– Politico‘s Juanna Summers
  • “I used to feel bad for Lindsay Lohan. Then I felt bad for feeling bad for her. THEN I realized SHE probably feels bad for ME, so whatever.”– A self-aware Mara Wilson, former child actress.
  • “Somewhere there is a pie chart of who’s at fault for the badness of this movie. Lohan’s only 10%.”– New Yorker TV Critic Emily Nussbaum
  • “You do know that I’m shagging him senseless, don’t you?” #thingsIhopetosayinreallifesomeday.” Greenwire/E&E‘s Jessica Estepa
  • Why yes, of COURSE I’m watching Lindsay Lohan in #LizandDick right now. And I’m not ashamed!” USA Today‘s Julia Ryan
  • “Next time anyone implies I’m a sexist, I’ll fire back that everyone I follow on Twitter is watching #lizanddick”– NYT‘s Michael Roston
  • I like #LizAndDick’s brave decision to not include a storyline in their film.”– BuzzFeed‘s Ryan Broderick
  • “#LizandDick are the original Ice and Coco.”– NYT Communications Assistant Jordan Cohen
  • “That awkward moment when a Twilight movie’s trailer demonstrates more passion and plot than the movie you’re watching”– NBC News desk assistant Ellie Hall

Despite Liz and Dick‘s apparent lack of “passion,” Hall wrote that she “loved it.” And then she wrote “ducks” (as in running for cover against the other journos who were sure to mock her.)