Limbaugh: ”The Patriots Were Inevitable Until They Played The Game”


Rush Limbaugh talked a lot this afternoon on WABC about the supposed inevitability of Senator John McCain. Limbaugh drew a football analogy, comparing conservative opposition to McCain on Super Duper Tuesday with the performance of Sunday’s New York Giants. ”The Patriots were inevitable until they played the game”

”… We’re all being lectured by people on our side with what we ought to do to come to grips with reality,” Limbaugh said, refusing to endorse the Arizona senator.

There was also much talk of ”adhering to principles” in the first hour of Rush’s penultimate radio show before the primaries. Always a showman, Limbaugh played the song parody ”Who Wants McCain,” to the tune of Credence Clearwater’s ”Who’ll Stop The Rain.”

(image via nationalledger)