(Lil) Eco Racer – Another Earth-Friendly title from Green Patch

(Lil) Eco RacerAlways a company to develop very simple and environmentally-friendly themed games, Green Patch Inc. has yet another application to add to its “Lil” family. The company’s newest title, (Lil) Eco Racer, is accessible to users when playing (Lil) Blue Cove, and you can probably guess what it is about: Racing (well, sort of).

It would seem that everyone is going green, and the quest for fuel efficient and environmentally friendly vehicles has expanded to the Facebook gaming world as well. Eco Racer is very simple: When the player begins the game, they are granted access to a “Goofy Cart G2” with a staggering two horsepower. The objective, obviously enough, is to race against your friends and win more cash in order to upgrade and/or trade in (trade-ins also require X amount of won races) your car for a better eco-friendly ride.

Eco Racer RidesThe results of each race is randomly generated based on the type of car and the upgrades you own (as with most “racing” games on Facebook). Unfortunately, the game play gets worn out fairly quick as you can only race your friends once a day, but at the same time it does promote social play – any game play is almost immediately limited. However, as with (Lil) Blue Cove and (Lil) Green Patch, Eco Racer is connected to the other two, which means that anything you earn in those two games (GreenBucks) is also available for this newer one.

This combination of three games actually adds a rather interesting and somewhat unique feature to all of the Green Patch games. One of the overbearing issues for these games has been limited game play options, but since the release of Blue Cove players have been able to formulate earning strategies based on the earlier titles in order to advance in the newer ones.

Beyond game play however, Eco Racer wouldn’t be a Green Patch game if it did not have some sort environmental goal involved. Sure enough, that is the case, for with each race a player participates in they earn “Personal Carbon Credits” in addition to  GreenBucks. These are analagous to a “carbon offset” which is a financial tool that is used to represent a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (the stuff that causes global warming). Currently, these credits are used to make donations to the “Plant A Billion” campaign of The Nature Conservancy.

Though it is overly simple, (Lil) Eco Racer certainly has a good cause, and Green Patch’s dedication to a better environment has brought a lot of charm to its family of games with users. Granted, Eco Racer is different from their revious titles, but its connection to the two more established ones will certainly help its growth. If for no other reason, the game should slowly start to do well due to the connected GreenBucks system. Even if they don’t actually focus on Eco Racer, it’s likely fans of the previous two games will play just to get the extra income.

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