Like Shaq’s Kobe-dissing Rap? Get the Ringtone.

shaq-rapping1.jpgThe sports world is filled with famous feuds: Ali vs Frazier, the Red Sox vs the Yankees, Tonya vs Nancy, McEnroe vs just about everyone else in tennis. The most infamous of late, however, is Shaq vs Kobe, made even more notorious by Mr. O’Neal’s recent freestyle rap in a New York nightclub dissing Bryant’s inability to win an NBA championship without Shaq on his team.

Shaq fans and Kobe haters alike can now download Shaq’s rap as a free ringtone courtesy of FunMobility. If the original doesn’t suit your taste, you can pay a couple bucks for FunMobility’s premium ringtone mashup or an animation with the mashup as its soundtrack.

By the end of their years together on the LA Lakers, Shaq and Kobe were bitter rivals, but O’Neal has said that the rap was all in fun and he and Kobe get along just fine now. Whether or not that’s the truth, it kinda takes all the fun out of it, especially for Celtics fans who like the idea of Kobe getting taken down a few pegs.