Like In Anything Else, It’s All Presentation

Phil Renaud’s essay, “The Secret Lives of Fonts,” on fad.tastic is a very funny take on typography through the lens of a student. The gist of the piece is that he’s turned in so many papers in college, he’s positive the grades he’s received back have nothing to do with the writing itself, but the fonts he’s used. Here’s Times New Roman:

Everybody starts out using Times New Roman, I think. It’s the default in most text editors, and the natural tendency of first-year college students being lazy, it’s unlikely too many of them bothered messing around with the fonts until at least later in their studies. I was in the same boat. Anyway, the A- average is pretty close to where my GPA stands, and assuming that the professor marking the papers generally sees a few hundred in Times font every semester, I imagine he/she really just marked the paper on the basis of its integrity.