Like A…Company That Richard Branson Owns


‘Tis the season of big logo changes, it seems. Virgin has just announced that it’s changing its familiar red-on-white, simple type-based logo of twenty-one years, for something new. We haven’t seen the new one yet, nor does it appear on their site, so we’re assuming it’s all going to be rolled out, probably on top of a living dinosaur strapped to a jet pack, knowing Richard Branson. Here’s some info on the interesting story of the old, soon to be extinct logo, and here’s the scoop on the newbie:

The changes, which are being overseen by group brand marketing director Ashley Stockwell, are part of an effort to bring more cohesion to Virgin Group’s marketing, which comprises more than 200 businesses. The Virgin logo, which has changed little since the launch of airline Virgin Atlantic in 1985, will now feature a different script. Designed by Start Creative, the logo will be rolled out steadily across the Virgin Mobile, Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Trains and Virgin Megastores brands, as well as affiliates such as Virgin Holidays and Virgin Wines. Virgin claims the changes are being made because of the different ways in which the company now markets itself and communicates its breadth of products.