Lightning Source Plans to Open New POD Plant in Australia

Ingram Content Group announced today that Melbourne, Australia would be the new home of a Lightning Source print-on-demand book manufacturing operation. This will be the 5th Lightning Source facility, and it’s going to begin production in June. The location was chosen based on the high concentration of major publishers and book distributors nearby.

Lightning Source also has US plants in La Vergne, Tennessee, Allentown, Pennsylvania, as well as 2 operations in Europe. Milton Keynes, UK, serves the European region, and there is also a facility in Maurepas, France, which was started as a joint-venture with Hachette Book Group.

This new facility could really shake up the Australian publishing industry. Assuming that it has production costs similar to the US plants, it could soon produce books that cost around $6 to $10. This is a significant discount from the usual book prices in Australia, where a paperback novel might cost $25.