Lighten Up!

Monday’s roundtable interview with Bush by the Foreign Print Media was more fun then we are used to seeing in a briefing. Bush was funny, reporters were engaging, even egging him on. This got us thinking — who sucked all the fun out of the WH briefing room? Does the American press corps simply take themselves too seriously or is Tony Snow simply a fun sponge?

Judging by the amount of time “(Laughter)” was denoted in the transcript,

  • Press briefing by National Security Advisor Steve Hadley: 1
  • POTUS presser in Chicago: 4
  • Snow press briefing, 7/6: 10
  • Snow press briefing, 7/10: 5
  • Roundtable with Bush by Foreign Print Media: 17

    And to boot — the roundtable was much shorter than some of Snow’s briefings.