Unveils the Pandigital Novel eReader at Liepzig Book Fair

There was a book fair this past week in Liepzig, Germany, and, a German media retailer, was showing off its new eReader.

The Pandigital Novel is based on a 7″ Android tablet, and it has Wifi, a resistive touchscreen, a microSD card slot, speakers, another SD card slot, and it’s running Android v2.1. will be distributing it to participating retailers shortly, and it has a suggested retail of 249€.

The Novel can read Epub and PDF, and it also comes with a web browser, email client, Facebook, a weather app, as well as a media player. This is the same Pandigital Novel that is currently being sold in the US, so it should be interesting to see what happens when someone swaps the firmware.

According to Pandigital this eReader is also available in the Netherlands, but it has not shown up on Dutch retail sites yet.