LG Launches Smartphone App Store: But, I Can’t Name a Single LG Phone

The iPhone app phenomenon has caused yet another app store to emerge…

LG launches app store, initial focus on Asia

They’re smart to focus on Asia first where they presumably have greater brand awareness than elsewhere in the world. LG will, in my opinion, have a problem getting traction in the U.S. My impression is that most consumers (including me) have see many LG models on phone store web sites but probably can’t name a single model. This is contrast to another large South Korean phone maker: Samsung. Samsung seems to have done reasonably well getting brand awareness for their BlackJack and BlackJack II Windows Mobile smartphones. And, their recent Jack TV commercial campaign was entertaining enough to make me remember their brand and smartphone model.

Here’s another question for you… And, don’t peek on the LG website or check U.S. phone carriers: What is LG’s flagship phone and what platform does it run?