Lewis Black Says Fox News Gives Him Eczema

Comedian Lewis Black likes to make a scene out of clearing his throat. He has been known to tell audiences to “Shut the f-ck up” and to heckle anyone who even looks at him funny during a performance. Last night at the grand opening of The Fillmore in Silver Spring, Md., Black stole the show for about 10 minutes while the audience laughed at his jokes. The event was sponsored by Live Nation, which owns House of Blues and The Fillmore. “This whole area was a sh*thole,” the comedian said, explaining that it actually “pisses him off” how nice it has become. “I’m Quacky the Clown because of this,” he groused. When the performance ended too quickly, they demanded that he remain on stage and “be funny.” He shooed them away and told them to come back in a few weeks when he’ll be performing for real.

Journalists in attendance included Politico‘s Alex Trowbridge and Patrick Gavin as well as D.C.’s UrbanDaddy Jeff Dufour (all pictured below). Also in attendance was the Washington Examiner‘s gossip guru Nikki Schwab and friend, Amy McLean, whose sister used to work at the Examiner (pictured at right). There was another journalist there who begged for anonymity for certain unmentionable reasons. So we’re granting it. Former Politico scribe turned media consultant Anne Schroeder Mullins, who was handling press for the event, was milling about.

We asked Black to react to the following in as many or few words as he wished and to answer a couple questions.

President Obama: “Ineffectual”
The U.S. economy: “Depressed”
Conservative pundit Ann Coulter: “Idiot”
CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer: “Tries.  (Has to get rid of those scrolls and all the other nonsense that clutters the screen.)”
Fox News: “A waste of time and opinionated to the point it gives me eczema.”
Osama Bin Laden: “A waste of flesh.”
Jon Stewart: Lives inside the funny, gets it.
Washington, D.C.: A great place to be from.

A few questions…
How do you think a comedian is supposed to handle Sept. 11? By doing what he is supposed to do, be funny.
What is your must-read newspaper, magazine or website? The Week.
Who is your favorite Sunday morning political talk show host and do you watch the shows? “[CBS’s] Bob Schieffer……..by far.  Insight and wisdom.  I watch those shows, they get me ready for the week ahead.  It’s like supercharged coffee.  They make me twitch.”

Correction: Yesterday we mixed up Live Nation and House of Blues. Live Nation owns House of Blues, not the other way around.