Levi’s PR Stunt Racks Up Butt Load of YouTube Views

Although Levi’s has a right to crow about the fact that their video “Rear View Girls” has generated seven million views on YouTube in just over a week, the beneficial PR results are still in question.

In the video, one of two New Zealand model-gals rigs her Levi’s with a hidden, rear-facing camera, so as to be able to replay and watch all the below-the-belt pedestrian glances generated by her shapely figure in Beverly Hills, Farmer’s Market, and at other LA sidewalk landmarks. The disapproving female glares are actually much more revealing than the predictable male ogling:

Given the Kiwi nationality of the leggy video participants and ad agency (Colenso BBDO), Down Under media continue to chime in with attempts at campaign quantification. Levi’s says it isn’t sure how to convert the attention into sales for its showcased “Curve ID” line, while at least one media analyst quoted by the Sydney Morning Herald thinks the video missed its mark. What do you think?