Less Is More at Swiss Fallout Shelter Turned ‘Zero-Star Hotel’

hotel.jpgWhile Dubai’s sparkling hotels compete in the Ridiculous Amenities department (butler brigades, extensive “pillow menus,” bespoke fragrance-infused bath oils), two minimalist-minded Swiss artists have opened a zero-star hotel—called, you guessed it, Zero-Star Hotel—in an abandoned fallout shelter. Commissioned by the Alpine town of Sevelen (population: 5,000), twin brothers Patrik and Frank Riklin have turned a Cold War-era concrete civil defense bunker into a 54-bed hotel (pictured in the rather creepy photo above) that will officially open for business in January. Although the place lacks windows, televisions, privacy, and room service, the first test customers were enthusiastic, reports Der Spiegel.

The hotel offers guests a few different classes of comfort. There’s the “standard layout,” for example, which features original military bunkbeds, and a “luxury” booking, which provides plush, antique Biedermeier beds. A luxury booking, which costs around twenty euros a night, includes coffee in bed every morning and cookies in the nightstand every afternoon.

Note that the cookies (baked by the townspeople) are left in the nightstand, as placing them on the pillow might be an invitation to thievery for those bunking nearby. As for hot water, good luck; a daily “wheel of fortune” system determines who gets to shower first. And everyone’s out of luck should Switzerland find itself embroiled in some sort of conflict (unlikely, yes, but there was last year’s accidental invasion of Liechtenstein). As part of a deal that the brothers struck with the Swiss military, the bunker must at all times be ready to revert to its original function—within 24 hours.