Lesley Jane Seymour To Edit More Magazine


The ”Revolving Door,” indeed! On January 22nd, Lesley Jane Seymour takes over the mantle of EIC of Meredith Corporation’s More magazine. Stay with us here, because things will get more complicated from here on out. Lesley Jane Seymour comes to More from Hearst’s Marie Claire, where she was replaced by Joanna Coles in April 2006. You still with us? Coles came to Marie Claire from — drum roll, please — More magazine! From the press release:

”I’m thrilled to be able to have the opportunity to edit a magazine whose readers share an incredible passion for everything in their lives,’ says Seymour. ‘As a long-time reader and fan of the title, I have always admired the incredible style, confidence, and intelligence of the editorial product. I’m looking forward to building on the title’s tremendous success and connection with this vibrant audience of women who are changing the face for so many facets of our society.”’

Stay tuned for another FishbowlNy episode of As The Revolving Door turns …

(image via Gregg Delves)