Lesbians To The Rescue At A Block Party


There’s a lot of fun stuff going on this weekend, kids, if by fun we mean related to the design and art worlds. We were obviously just being the most redundant. Our friends at Printed Matter are throwing a block party tomorrow afternoon from 5-7pm to celebrate the release of LTTR #4: Do You Wish To Direct Me with our other friends (and this time we have to use the term polemically since we’ve never met them) Lesbians To The Rescue. Printed Matter explains.

LTTR has been working at Printed Matter all summer, and the block party and release of LTTR #4 are the final culminating events of their residency. In the participatory and community-minded spirit of all of their projects, they have invited artists to take over the block, queering the street for a two-hour public celebration. Under the banner “a wave of new rage thinking,” artists will roll on the street, erect strategic human pyramids and enact eccentric architecture. With bar stools and loose cigarettes they will draw participants into brainstorming sessions. Bring your camera and prepare to perform in carnival cutouts! There will be four DJs making music, and copies of LTTR #4–hot off the press–will be available to see and to order. Participating artists at the block party include Ei Arakawa, Nancy Brooks Brody, Ginger Brooks Takahashi, A.K. Burns, Leidy Churchman, Dean Daderko, Daisy Spurs, Discoteca Flaming Star, DJ Designer Imposter, Edie Fake, Allison Farrow, K8 Hardy, Veronica De Jesus, Ulrike Müller, Emily Roysdon, A.L. Steiner, Lanka Tattersall, and Elaine Van Hoorn.

Strategic human pyramids? Carnival cutouts? Yes, yes, and yes!