Les & Tony: The Finale

From Tony Snow’s final WH press briefing:

    Q Tony, wait a minute. Come back — no, wait a minute. Tony, this is the last —

    MR. SNOW: Is this a meltdown, Les? (Laughter.) Is this —

    Q Let’s go, everybody.

    Q Really, Tony, none of us in the back have had a chance. You’ve been in the front. This is your last briefing. You want to go out well.

    MR. SNOW: Les, please, be as rude as you want. Go ahead. (Laughter.)

    Q No, no.

    Q Les is right, actually. There are a lot of us who would like to ask questions.

    MR. SNOW: Okay, you know what? We will — this will be an open-ended commitment. (Laughter.)

    Q Thank you very much.

    MR. SNOW: So, Terry, I apologize.

    Q Thank you very much. I have two questions — and we will miss you. The New York Times announced that they consider it authoritarian to prosecute the Code Pink disruptors at the Petraeus hearing. The Washington Times notes that Code Pink does not simply want to be heard, it literally screams because it wants to force others to listen. With which —