Lena Dunham’s ‘First Time’ Obama Ad Raises Eyebrows

Lena Dunham hopes young women will heed her advice before embarking on the journey that is true womanhood by losing their virginity–their voting virginity, that is.

In her now-viral pro-Obama video, Dunham reminds newly of-age girls that their first time should be with the right guy–an amazing guy, one who “cares whether you get health insurance, and specifically, whether you get birth control”. She assures us in her believable, girl-talky tone that her first time was “amazing”, and as she went to the voting booth, “pulled back the curtain, and voted for Barack Obama“, she knew she had crossed a line in the sand, transforming from a blushing girl to an empowered woman.

A clever double entendre–but not everyone is amused.

The Right Scoop called the ad “disgusting,” and Breitbart News editor-at-large John Notle tweeted: “How could a president with two, young blossoming daughters release an ad as disgusting as this”. Some have also pointed out that Dunham, 26, was first eligible to vote in 2004, leading others to speculate whether or not her ’08 Obama vote was really her first time (har-har). If so, why didn’t she exercise her right to vote when she was first able? Is she a liar or a hypocrite?

Personally, we just think she’s clever; She’s using her sense of humor and sex-oriented Girls persona to send a political message. While the ad may have caused a bit of an uproar among conservatives, we’re pretty sure they weren’t really supposed to like it anyway. All in all, we would consider this a PR win for the Obama campaign as it continues to try and reach both the younger and female demographics.

As for the virginity thing, we would just add one more piece of advice — whichever guy you choose, just make sure to use protection (i.e. hand sanitizer) — flu season is almost upon us, and when you pick up that pen to cast your vote, you never know who touched it before you — even though it may be your first time, you’re voting with every person that pen has ever voted with. Okay, okay, we’ll leave the puns to Lena next time.