LEGO Photo for iPhone Turns Photos Into LEGO Mosaics

I’ve been a huge fan of LEGO products since childhood. So, I was excited to learn about this free iPhone app produced by The LEGO Group.

LEGO Photo

The app can work with either a photo from an iPhone’s photo album or a photograph taken by the app itself. It transforms the photo in what a mosaic built out of LEGO pieces would look like. Unfortunately, it appears to only detect shape and relatively brightness levels. It does not attempt to deal with color. Tapping the screen after the first mosaic is created switches to a series of color palettes. However, since color is not matched, the resulting image is hit or miss.

I found that selecting a palette with a smaller number of colors (monochromatic shades) worked best for me. It also helps to choose photographs with large easy to recognize main shapes. The app has a lot of promise but needs to deal more effectively with color in the photo to create a better end result.