The Cult of Andrew Breitbart Rages On

Whenever Andrew Breitbart surfaces on it’s always a little eerie as he’s no longer with us. But for those who write for the site that carries on his legacy, he’s still very much alive, almost with an Elvis quality.

Yesterday writer Lee Stranahan displayed “never-been-seen footage” about Breitbart’s close friend, Brandon Darby, an activist and informant for the FBI. It’s a nine-minute clip for the new documentary film Informant.

“I was the second person to find out what had happened,” Stranahan told FishbowlDC in a phone interview, immediately bringing up Breitbart’s death. “Brandon called Andrew and the police answered the phone. That’s never a good sign. I had eight hours all night of not knowing what was going on. As the night goes on, you know this isn’t good. I sneaked in the last line something about Andrew’s kids.” The line: “Here’s hoping that for the sake of all our heirs, including the four children Andrew loved so much and left behind, that politicians and conservative activists will listen and learn.”

The cult of personality is real. “It existed after his death [rather] than before,” he said. “After his death suddenly everyone loved Andrew. I met him when he didn’t have a lot of friends.”

Stranahan said he wrote his piece in the middle of the night, when he does most of his writing, “It’s difficult when you write something like that because it’s very cliché,” he said of the line about his children. “Brandon wanted to write that piece. I kind of put it off until the last minute. As I was writing it I’m like, this is kind of a big deal.I didn’t want to put any reference to me in there at all. This is really bigger. It is really weird when it comes up. I just had this sense of there’s not going to be many more of these.”

There’s also artwork about Breitbart. As shown on page one of this post, this is a Breitbart portrait by Georgia artist Steve Penley.

Stranahan writes, “In this newly unearthed footage, Breitbart talks about meeting and mentoring Darby. Breitbart didn’t live to see the Boston Marathon bombing but his understanding of culture and media allow him to make a chillingly prescient statement about how the left puts their heroes on cover of Rolling Stone.” Later he adds… “Andrew Breitbart is back today– if only for nine minutes – to explain exactly how it’s done.”