Art History, Now Available in Snowglobe Form!

Snowglobes. Say it with us: “Snowglobes.” There now, don’t you feel better? Artist duo Nora Ligorano and Marshall Reese have added an edifying and absurd twist to these ubiquitous tchotchkes with their latest creation, “The History of Art Snowglobes,” available from Artware Editions. In this set of 20 handmade snowglobes, which stemmed from a project the artists undertook earlier this year for a Noguchi Museum benefit, the faux flakes swirl around the names of modern and contemporary art movements, from Cubism and Dada to Conceptual Art and Superflat (we can imagine Walter Gropius hurling the Bauhaus version across a spartan workroom in frustration). Ligorano/Reese selected typefaces and colors to embody each genre, so Surrealism floats by in a dreamy white wave, AbEx is rendered in blood-red brushstrokes, and transparent Minimalism all but disappears.