Leaked Slides Reveal Next BlackBerry PlayBook

The BlackBerry PlayBook might not be having much commercial success, but that doesn’t mean RIM plans to give up on it. Boy Genius Report has turned up what looks to be RIM’s future roadmap. It’s a set of slides that appear to have come from a briefing for senior management at RIM.

According to the slides, the new PlayBook is going to keep the 7″ screen and cameras found on the current model, bit it’s also going to have a more powerful CPU (1.5GHz vs 1.0GHz). In fact, this seems to be much the same tablet as the one currently on the market, and the only other major change is that the new one will have  3G chip inside (in addition to the Bluetooth and Wifi).

But I’m not sure I believe the slides; according to the roadmap this tablet isn’t due out until next spring. That seems to be an awfully long lead time. I would have expected it to be released sooner.