Okay, Twitter: Who Is Pedro, And How Does He Know So Much About Razorblades And Dandruff?

This is a bit of a curio. Five different Twitter profiles – can you spot the connections?

Who is this mysterious Pedro, how is he working for all of these major beauty/cosmetics companies, and do they each know? And that Julie gets around a bit, too. Between them, they must be making a killing. Although they can’t get out of their respective offices very much – except, of course, to move to the next one.

Clearly, something sinister is afoot. Every one of these brands (@GilletteUK, @HeadShouldersUK, @OralB_UK, @PanteneUK, @DuracellUK) is owned by Proctor & Gamble, and quite clearly they’re having a bit of a social media push in the UK at the moment – all of the profiles were recently verified on Twitter (essentially en masse at the same time), and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Ariel, Crest, Lenor and Plenty joining the party soon.

Probably all helmed by Pedro. Or Julie. Or both. Maybe collectively they know everything there is to know about toothpaste, razorblades and haircare, but this is more than a little sloppy.

Further research suggests this may be the work of PR communications agency Hill & Knowlton – this is acknowledged on the Duracell Twitter page, but the others are less specific. A search on the H&K page for Pedro reveals a little more. I guess they got that big P&G account and figured nobody on Twitter would notice if they used old Pedro more than once.

More importantly: I wonder if P&G knows?

(And I love the way the Gillette bio asks Twitter fans with questions to get in touch… on Facebook. Way to realise the opportunity of the medium.)

Come on guys. It’s great to see you getting involved, but let’s try and do things properly, hey? There’s an inevitable bit of smoke and mirrors for all brands on the internet, and especially in social media, but this is unbelievably duplicitous. And lazy. I’m not sure if Pedro or Julie even exist, and I don’t really care, but would it have been that difficult to hire a few extra bodies? Or to check that your agency is being a little more professional?