Layer Tennis Kicks Off This Afternoon

A quick note of immediate importance: if you were a fan of last year’s Layer Tennis, wherein hot shot designers compete by exchanging project files built in software like Photoshop, Illustrator, or After Effects, today is your lucky day, as the new season begins at 2pm Central and it’s a doozy. Because it’s the big, celebratory kick-off event, this match will start in San Francisco, travel the world, and end up in Singapore, all in the space of 15 minutes a piece at each designer’s desktop, meaning it’s probably the best way to help kill two hours on a Friday afternoon that you likely wouldn’t be doing anything productive with anyway. The designers for this trip around the globe include Armin Vit in New York, Tom Muller in London, and Armin Osmancevic at the Swedish firm Werk. And if you need a refresher or aren’t yet familiar with Layer Tennis, we highly recommend looking back over this great match our former co-editor Alissa Walker served as the judge for.