Layar Augmented Reality App for Android & iPhone Now Has a Layer Store

Layar for Android and, more recently, for iPhone was the app that launched the smartphone Augmented Reality craze. Augmented Reality (AR) for phones has been more or less defined as providing visual and textual information overlaid over the actual through the viewfinder view of the world on a smartphone screen. The Layar 3.1 for Android upgrade lets you work with the just launched Layar Augmented Reality content store:

Layar launches world’s first Augmented Reality content store

Many layers for Layar are still free. However, there is now a tab labeled “Paid” that lists AR layers. Disneyland and Walt Disney World layers, for example, are $3.45 each. SpotCrime is $1.95. And, EyeTour Puerto Rico is $10.99.

The Layar app now asks you to login or to create an account if you don’t have one. However, you do not have to have an account or create on in order to use any of the free layers.