Laurie David Squares Off Against Michael Crichton–School Science Smackdown


Laurie David, with her seemingly boundless energy and iron will to do good, is mixing it up with author Michael Crichton. Bob Sipchen, in his School Me blog, relates the tale:

Seems on Friday, Santa Monica’s celebrity-encrusted Crossroads School offered an assembly at which Laurie David–environmental activist, Gore documentary producer, Hollywood spouse and Crossroad’s mom–showed Gore’s global warming film to middle and high school students. During the question session, a young scholar asked about best-selling author Michael Crichton’s, State of Fear, a novel that questions the science of global warming and rolls its rhetorical eyes at some people’s level of concern.

Seems David launched into a rant against Crichton. Seems Crichton offspring also attends Crossroads and was in the audience. Seems the notoriously progressive school was aghast at the potential damage to filial esteem.

There’s nothing like a battle between two super-titans. But who’s this troublemaking kid who’d read Crichton’s book? How’d he get into Crossroads? FBLA sees long hours after school for this guy.