LA Times Sticks with ‘Kadafi’

The number of official newspaper and magazine spellings of a now famously assassinated Libyan leader are almost as numerous as his personal wardrobe changes. Last Friday, in the face of more reader correspondence, the LA Times restated its long-standing preference for “Moammar Kadafi.”

This is the third time this year that the newspaper’s reader’s representative has addressed the issue, after previous postings in February and August. In each case, they have reminded readers that the decision has ancient roots:

We began using Kadafi in 1969, when the rebel leader seized power, under guidance from our Middle East correspondent at the time. He advised that the sound that begins the leader’s name was best translated as a “k”. (That also explains our spelling of Koran vs. AP’s Quran.)

It’s just another “krazy” aspect of the Libyan leader’s legacy, whether you spell him Muammer el-Qaddafi (New York Times), Moammar Gaddafi (Washington Post) or Moammar Gadhafi (AP).

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