LATimes DC Bureau Plans

Romenesko’s got the memo from LA Times DC Bureau Chief Doyle McManus, which addresses, among other things, how they’re going to survive now that their Dean Baquet has gone to the New York Times.

    How will we compete against a NY Times bureau led by someone as formidable as Dean? To be high-minded about it, a good, competitive NY Times bureau is good for journalism as a whole. To be low-minded about it, well, it will still be the NY Times, still encumbered by that paper’s institutional weaknesses and still, even with Dean on the premises, an often unpleasant place to work.

    To be more concise about it — and to quote one of our most incisive newsroom philosophers — we’ll just go out and kick their ass. We’ve done it before; we can do it again. In fact, it should be fun.

Oh, it’s so on…