LAT in 90 Seconds: the All-TCA Addition

The Television Critics Association meeting in Pasadena is finally yielding fruit more delicious than Shannen Doherty’s tears. The LAT brings you everything from Ted Koppel to Mr. T.

We Have Never Been More Thrilled to be Pitied: 24366011.jpgThe ever-Mohawked Mr. T will star in a TV Land motivational reality show, I Pity the Fool, in which he tries to change people’s lives by offering advice. We want to be the first fools in line to watch it.

This is — Tony Kornheiser? Washington Post columnists Tony Kornheiser is being groomed by ESPN to be the next Howard Cosell. One problem: He’s so afraid of flying, he didn’t even show up to Pasadena for the TCA announcement of his new gig.

When Newsmen Attack:images-21.jpg Speaking via satellite from Guantanamo Bay, Ted Koppel told a soft-bellied crowd that network foreign news coverage is a joke. We’re guessing the TV critics listened closely, jotted down notes intensely and then smiled inwardly that they were at the Ritz while Koppel was stuck in Gitmo.