LAT in 90 seconds

— Life gets worse for Ferrari Man. Ex-con, ex-Gizmondo exec and ex-pat Swede Stefan Eriksson is facing deportation after a search of his Bel-Air home turned up a gun and, according to sherrif’s deputies, “a substance believed to be cocaine.”

We say Eriksson is in “a substance believed to be deep doo-doo.”


— A day after Page Six broke the story, the Angelenos learn the truth about dwarf-on-dwarf KISS tribute band violence.

MySpace has hired former Justice Department “porn buster” Hemanshu Nigam will become MySpace’s first chief security officer and oversee initiatives to protect the Santa Monica company’s 68 million members. Nigam’s appointment, effective May 1, is expected to be announced today. We’re relieved. Remember: You can’t spell “He-man” without “Hemanshu.”