LAT in 90 Seconds

Best Lede Of The Day: From this piece about one of our favorite men with an alleged in-house sex and drug lair: “The last two years haven’t been easy for Broadcom billionaire Henry T. Nicholas III. He split up with his wife. He was accused of manipulating stock options at Broadcom Corp., the Irvine microchip company he co-founded. And federal prosecutors filed criminal charges against him, saying he supplied Broadcom clients with drugs and prostitutes. On Monday, however, Nicholas received some good news: He might be getting his private jet back.” See? There’s justice in the world.

Don’t Be ‘Religulous’: Rabbi David Wolpe, author of Why Faith Matters and rabbi at Sinai Temple (full disclosure: that’s where this Fishie worships), takes Bill Maher to task to reducing religion and faith to, essentially, a neurological disorder. Movie review as Op/Ed? Why don’t we see more of these?

Bad News Bear: Tom Petruno asks the question “Is now a good time to panic?” and seems to answer it with a very unreassuring: “Yep.” (And, apparently, people are taking this feeling to heart.)