LAT In 90 Seconds

John McCain Feels Jilted: Taking a page from the Daily Show (literally in some cases), John McCain’s campaign camp has put together some videos spoofing the media’s supposed infatuation with Barack Obama. For whatever reason Maeve Reston’s story doesn’t link to said videos — but we did. Enjoy.

41176586.jpgInvasion of the Popular Kids! Geoff Boucher laments the loss of what Comic-Con once was: “Like some mutant cousin of the Sundance Film Festival, Comic-Con has outgrown its original mission and its limited geography.” Hell, they’re even letting FBLA into the place, so you know its lost its standards.

gwtwpic.jpgMob Mentality: A posse of junk collectors unite to suss out (and expose) a fake Hollywood memorabilia shyster on EBay. We love the idea of citizen justice … particularly when it yields such delicious sentences as: “‘The most obvious fakes I’d ever seen,’ pronounced James Tumblin, a Hawaiian who said he owns the world’s largest collection of Gone With the Wind memorabilia.”