LAT In 90 Seconds

debbie_4.jpgWhere’s the Rabbi? Hey! Richard Rushfield, your profile of American Idol stage manager Debbie Williams was nice and all .. but where were your dramatic flourishes? Your incredible allusions and biblical intonations? Where, in other words, is the rabbi?

37458050.jpgNBC Unveils Its New Lineup: Shows will be based on the stories of King David, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Robinson Crusoe and Merlin. Not to mention a Knight Rider remake and a spinoff of the The Office. Maybe the network should change its tagline for Must Seen TV.

37449982-02235318.jpgSAG Has Short Rehearsal: The major Hollywood studios have imposed a two-week deadline on SAG to hammer out a contract. Telling the drama queens of the labor force what to do and when to do it? That oughtta go over well.