LAT In 90 Seconds

33699696.jpgIt’s A Fat Ass After All: Disneyland is modifying the “It’s A Small World Ride” because our nation’s expanding bottoms have caused the 41-year-old boats to bottom out. We are so embarrassed, at this moment, to be part of the human race.

33700718.jpgBlonds Say The Darndest Things: In this Q&A, Jaime Pressly makes a truly confounding statement about motherhood: “There comes a point in time when you pull a Demi, when you move outside of the spotlight and live your life away from it.” If Pressly thinks Demi is demur, she ain’t never giving up the spotlight.

33699625.jpgCoffee Houses Clear Out: Wondering why it’s been easier to get a table at your favorite java joints? (OK, you probably knew why, but this is a cute story nonetheless.)