LAT In 90 Seconds

32820992.jpgMoney Can’t Buy You Everything: Except when it can. Henry Weinstein’s analysis of the Phil Spector jury deadlock says Spector’s freedom came down to cash: He had so much of it, he could hire enough experts to dazzle at least two jurors into a mistrial-inducing stupor.

mini_britney.jpgReason Newspapers Should Not Post Reader Comments Online No. 4367: Following a Richard Abowitz post about dueling little people performers who each pose as a mini Britney Spears, reader Cindy Haas contributed this thought: Hello: I would just like to say, how could anybody with brain cells, think Iraq is the greatest country in the world, when it is clearly not, and in fact, it is a terrorist haven ok? It is one of the poorest, illeterate and angry and repressed countries in the world, ok? Thanks Cindy H. No, thank you, Cindy H.

32827252.jpgLAT Goes “Queer Eye” On Local Blogger: This Cyndia Zwahlen piece, shines a happy free-advertising light on Chill Out LA, and then has experts comment on how blogger Erin Mahoney-Harris can take her site “to the next level.” Hint No.1: Get the LAT to write about you.