LAT In 90 Seconds

d2d4ac0b559aa6848cd0ab69f6432a8c27182747.jpgTom To Sell Out? MySpace might get in on e-commerce, a move that would inspire every soft-core porn princess in the world to put Rupert Murdoch in her Top 8.

28021938.jpgGuessing Game: Is the Envelope’s feature “Joan’s favorite awards moments” from today? Is the “Joan” Joan Rivers? We have no idea. We couldn’t find any context to go along with this picture gallery. If you can, please send it our way.

263042.jpgAl Martinez Doesn’t Get It: But that’s OK. We don’t expect him to get it. What we don’t get, however, is why he offers an aol e-mail address as a means of contacting him at the end of his column. Did the LAT pull his company account in that whole fired-hired mess?