LAT in 90 Seconds

showeststuff.jpgThird In An Apparently Never-Ending Series: We understand a paper’s need to milk as many stories from a traveling reporter as it can. But maybe those stories should be different than all the stories that came before it.

keatingout.jpgOusting The Cable Guy: Time Warner Cable Inc. forced the ouster of Roger Keating, head of the company’s LA office — and the guy responsible for losing 10,000 customers since October. Time Warner was going to fire Keating last week, but he waited around all day, and they never showed up. And when he called, they put him on hold for 30 minutes. Then they rescheduled for Monday, but Keating stepped out for one second to let the dog out, and missed them.

Antonio Villaraigosa.jpgVillaraigosa: Mayor or Rock Star? It’s hard to tell. But one thing is certain: Every story you’ll read about him in the LAT will raise the question. We think the paper is secretly itching to start a band and hopes Antonio takes the hint.