LAT in 90 Seconds

callgirl.jpgSilly Madam Tricks Are For Barnes: Convicted Hollywood madam Jody “Babydol” Gibson has a tell-all book coming out — not that you’d need it to find out who used her high-end call girl service. Court records that had been sealed or redacted are now public. And they list everyone from Bruce Willis to Ben Barnes, the former lieutenant governor of Texas who bragged that he helped George W. Bush dodge the draft. Our favorite line: “The Times reached Barnes by calling a cellphone number listed beside his name in Gibson’s records. ‘I have never met or talked to this broad in my entire life,’ Barnes said. He said he could not explain why his cellphone number was in her files.”

lonelygirl15ish.jpgLeggo My Ego: Think teenagers are selfish little pricks? So do researchers from four universities.

cruisegetscash.jpgSuck On That, Sumner: Private investors are close to giving the Tom Cruise-led United Artists $500 million.