LAT in 90 Seconds

Ravefrontpage2.pngRadio Station Axes DJs After Woman’s Death: John Geary, vice president and general manager of Entercom/Sacramento fired three Sacto morning DJs and seven other KDND-FM employees after a woman died in a “Hold Your Wee for a Wii” water drinking contest. That’s probably the right call (though it won’t get them out of a lawsuit); can you imagine the HR paperwork on that? “Reason for termination: Um… well, see, there was this contest, right? And, um…”

bratton.jpgWere They High When They Made the Seating Arrangements? The Golden Globes party planners very nearly sat LAPD Chief William “tough-on-medical-marijuana” Bratton at a table with the cast of Weeds. Another interesting tidbit in the story: Despite the presence of the chief (or maybe because of it) someone made off with 80 gift bags valued at $450 each.

duttons.jpgAnother Duttons Bites the Dust? Not exactly. But the flagship Brentwood store — and really one of the best bookstores in L.A. — might move or get a much-dreaded facelift if its landlord has his way.