LAT in 90 Seconds

theocpix.jpgWill The OC Always Be ‘The OC’? Most likely. While “The O.C.” has seen ratings (and, really, the quality) plummet for some time, the show’s impact on the region will likely survive. Maybe forever. The OC’s dirty congressmen should be so lucky.

dreamgirls.jpgSee Their Show. Then See Ours: In possibly the strangest bit of boxoffice-jockeying of this Oscar season, DreamWorks is footing the bill for any group — high schools, community theaters — that want to put on a production of “Dreamgirls.” The idea being, we guess, that people who are in the play, or designed the costumes or sold brownies during intermission, will want to see the movie, too. DreamWorks so far as financed 50 productions and set aside $250,000 for the endeavor. In related news, FBLA’s Kate and Mayrav this week will be starring in a two-woman production of “Dreamgirls,” production pending.

winkler.jpgIrwin Winkler, 75, Still Alive: The producer of Rocky now has a new film out, “Home of the Brave,” about the Iraq War. Seizing on a career that started with Elvis, Patrick Goldstein writes the definitive profile of Winkler. Which is nice. But kinda foolish, if you think about it: We have a feeling that, somewhere at the LAT, an obit writer is cursing Goldstein under his breath today.