LAT in 90 Seconds

wayans.jpg(Insert Long, Awkward Pause Here), Please! At the Laugh Factory’s Chocolate Sundaes show, Damon Wayan proved black comedians will give up using that tricky racial epithet as soon as Jews stop building whole routines around their mothers. Wayan’s use of word landed him a 3-month ban from the club … and puts everyone the uncomfortable position of having to consider Damon Wayan a revolutionary.

spelling.jpgTori Spelling To “Write” A Memoir: If you’re reading this while taking a break from furiously typing away at your own opus, play this little game with us: Who’s book will be published first? Yours or Hers? (The rope is by the ladder on the left-hand side of the garage).

garrison.jpgLane Garrison Was At the Wheel: Police are still trying to figure out why three teens were in Garrison’s car the night it crashed, killing one of the teens, Vahagn Setian, and injuring the two others. In other “don’t drive with famous people” news, Rip Torn’s been arrested again on a DWI.