LAT in 90 Seconds

simpsonjo.jpg“On the Internet somewhere”: News Corp officials and salacious-book-publishers-cum-pundits speculate that the only people who will see the O.J. Simpson book is — everybody. “In my mind it’ll end up on the Internet somewhere,” publisher Michael Viner told the LAT. His quote was meant to make it sound like the book was kaput. But saying that something will be published for free on a medium accessible to nearly every human on the planet hardly sounds like it will languish in obscurity.

britaward.jpgAmerican Music Awards Happened: If you care about an awards program hosted by Jimmy Kimmel and featuring some of the worst music being made in America today, then we can’t help you.

emma.jpgNicer Than Fiction: Think you hate Zach Helm because he’s 31 and his first script not only won over Emma Thompson but might be the best picture you see this year? Well, here’s another reason to despise Helm: He seems really nice, too.