LAT in 90 Seconds

snipes.jpgIRS Takes a Swipe at Snipes: The guy grew up with the name “Wesley.” All his life, he’s “Wesley.” Then one day, he grows a set a biceps and becomes a hunky (albeit kinda lame) action star, and things start to look good for Wesley Snipes. Now, just because he said his gross adjusted income for 1997 was $0, The Man’s gotta get all up in his piece. Poor, Wesley.

bobby.jpg… And Speaking of Crooks: Looks like Edward Bass — known to some very pissed off rich people as Michael Bass — is going to keep his producer’s credit on Bobby, despite his past as an ex-con and shyster. We don’t know why this is controversial or newsworthy. He’s a producer. Isn’t bilking studios and manufacturers out of millions of dollars part of the job?

Stating the Obvious: Wanna know why newspapers are out of touch? Because they do stories about how YouTube is the media of the future when, in reality, YouTube is the media of the present. And they do it with that sloppy “Welcome to” nut graph that you’ll only find in pulpy print.