LAT in 90 Seconds

dahlia.jpgNoir As Good As It Could Have Been: Our girl crush Carina Chocano’s review of the Black Dahlia makes a passing (and funny) reference to all the over-the-top cross-promotions between the LAT and the new De Palma film. When you launch the paper’s homepage this morning, in fact, you’re hit with a Black Dahlia pop-up ad. It truly is embarrassing how much the LAT has pimped this film, particularly since, apparently, it’s not that good.

ellroy.jpgHuh? James Ellroy wrote a piece in today’s paper (Look, Ma! More cross-promotion!), but we think the LAT accidentally printed the outline for the piece, rather than the piece itself. That, or Ellroy is starkers.

To wit:

My novel and now Brian De Palma’s film. Our separate constellations of desire. A book I wrote 20 years ago and De Palma’s complementary and radically unique visual record. And three incandescent minutes of Mia Kirshner as Elizabeth Short.

alan.jpegFinding a Place To Molt: The interesting thing about this piece on SAG president Alan Rosenberg’s apology for sending a nasty personal e-mail to member Laird Stuart is that it’s not an apology. His only regret for calling Stuart a “sorry excuse for a human being,” apparently, is that Stuart forwarded his e-mail to 17,000 people.

FBLA hates it when people we’re eviscerating don’t have the decency to keep our nasty comments to themselves.