LAT in 90 Seconds

Poetry in Motion: bus.jpeg
A bus filled with poets (they still make poets?) is rolling across the country, hoping to cover 50 cities in 50 days in a kind of rock-star tour of verse.

Poets as prominent as John Ashbery and as unknown as … well, as people who are unknown, will attend different legs of the tour. Expect the tour, organized by Seattle-based Wave Books, to roll into L.A. on Oct. 20 at the Museum of Natural History. No word as to whether L.A.’s poet laureate Jewel, who has taken to playing free concerts at the Grove, will share any of her gems.

Entourage’s Entourage: markymark.jpg
It’s a cute idea that should probably have been done a year or two ago: send an LAT reporter to hang with Mark Wahlberg’s posse, a tight little clique that is the basis of the Wahlberg-produced HBO series Entourage. Still, the results are just as amusingly messy as any episode of the show. And just as endearing.

Dead Precedent: bush_movie_001.jpgTina Daunt won’t say it in her column, but we’ll say it here: Death of a President, a film portraying the fictional assassination of President Bush is terrifying. No matter where anyone lands on the political spectrum, presidential assassinations are, um, totally uncool. And since perhaps no U.S. president who has actually been assassinated has been this divisive and (we’ll say it again) corrupt a character, we have to wonder: Is the film, which will premiere Sept. 10 at the Toronto Film Festival, a social commentary or a how-to?